PRAISE FOR THE HEART OF WAR: misadventures in the pentagon

The New York Times Magazine:

"Walking the miles-long halls of the Pentagon, Reilly takes the reader through an often-hilarious orientation on how good ideas, and extremely bad ones, can go from being tossed around in an email to a multibillion-dollar, multiyear defense program." Link here.

Foreword Reviews:

Details about the inside of Congress and the Pentagon ring true and give the text a behind-the scenes feel without taking away from the rollicking plot. Reilly and her colleagues can be counted on throughout the story to be clueless and brilliant by turns, keeping the plot fun through its many twists. Emotional moments tug on the heartstrings, and the romantic subplot concludes in a very satisfying way.  Link here.  

Really Into This:

"Kathleen McInnis has a great voice and a unique background; I cannot wait to see what she writes next." Link here.

The Modern War Institute:

"It’s not often you find a “fun” book about the Pentagon, but The Heart of War definitely earns that praise. Even if you haven’t endured an assignment there, let Kathleen McInnis escort you on a guided tour of one of the most interesting workplaces in the national security establishment." Link here.